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Estate Planning Attorney in Hartford

Assisting Families in Connecticut

Estate planning is an umbrella term for a wide range of planning services that help determine what will happen to your assets and property in the event that you become incapacitated or pass away. Additionally, an estate plan can outline your wishes for medical care and treatment, so if you become severely injured or ill, your family and medical providers can accommodate you accordingly. At Mancini & Associates, we understand that creating an effective estate plan can be challenging and that the laws governing wills and trusts can be difficult to understand. If you are considering any form of estate planning, do not hesitate to contact a Hartford estate planning lawyer from our team right away.

One of the main goals of working with an attorney is to help you and your family avoid probate in the future. Probate is challenging, and if a person passes away without having a proper will or testament, his or her estate could fall into probate. This process can be lengthy and requires the state to identify a person's assets, liquidate any non-secured assets to repay creditors, and then distribute the remainder of the assets to the deceased's descendants. The best way to avoid this complicated process to work with an attorney to establish a will, trust, power of attorney, and identify any beneficiaries. Of course, each individual's life is going to be different, and creating a personalized estate plan is important, which is why you should always work with a lawyer from Mancini & Associates to address your specific concerns.

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Are you ready to move forward with your estate planning efforts? This time in your life may be confusing, and we understand that trying to undertake an estate plan alone can be frustrating. With the guidance of our firm, you can be confident that your assets and legal concerns are in good hands. We have years of experience providing quality representation and one-on-one guidance to our clients and we may be able to help you as well. Any questions and concerns you may have can be directed to Mancini & Associates today. Contact our firm to learn more about estate planning and how it can benefit your situation!